Congo Coffee

Harvest International Group

This coffee is grown by small-scale farmers in the eastern part of D.R. Congo, near Lake Edward and north of Lake Kivu.

We operate six washing stations throughout the province of North Kivu. Farmers bring ripe coffee cherries to one of the washing stations and are paid in cash for their harvest.

Altitude: 1500 meters
Harvest: Year round
Flavour Profile: Sweetly aromatic, juicy citrus, smooth milk chocolate, exotic spice.

Region: Congo, North Kivu, South Kivu ,Ituri
Variety: Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon
Elevation: 1,500m – 2,000m
Processing: Natural
Recommended Roast profile: Medium Roast
Flavor notes: BlackForest Cake, Berries, Raisins, Chocolate, Citrusy, Plums
Acidity: Sweet
Body: Full

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